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EU Company Formations in all 27 member states

For EU citizens, forming EU companies is straightforward and often the best solution. We offer our customers comprehensive consulting services related to the establishment and takeover of new companies, investment funds, foundations, and trusts, primarily in connection with company relocations, the development of new markets, and the financing of projects and the associated property companies—SPV (Special Purpose Vehicles).

Of course, we are also available for individual consulting services if you want to set up a severe company at the locations mentioned. Thanks to our expertise and worldwide network, we can meet every requirement and can be reached by telephone for queries.

We always provide information on the tax structure and possible fiscal disadvantages, but we cannot and do not want to give such advice due to professional and professional regulations. Contacting your tax consultant or lawyer and their active involvement in the design process is advantageous and desirable.

We plan company structures and set up companies “onshore” in destinations close to the EU (Switzerland, Liechtenstein – no EU member states but associated bilaterally) and classic offshore goals.

We cover all 27 member states with our services and company formations.

Advantages of an EU Company

It does not always have to be a new company founded in far corners of the world to successfully take advantage of tax-related design options or succession plans.

Whoever went to the Seychelles or Cayman Islands for holidays knows the hardships that can bring such a trip with them. Holidays are enjoyable, but one is happy to return home after 14-18 hours of traveling. How can one set up an everyday business in all seriousness on this basis? This is hardly possible, and the Treasury knows the problems.

An offshore company, fast bought through a cheap company formation agency, without appropriate structures in place, with storage of company documents at home, represents the classic invitation for the tax investigation. While we can help in such cases with sound legal advice, we suggest weighing the pros and cons in advance and putting a proper legal structure in place if anything like that happens.

The EU, especially after the EU enlargement, offers exciting perspectives that can be fully exploited. This brings us to the plan.

And classic offshore companies can be implemented as needed and, if suitable, for specific transactions such as foundations and trusts, transfer pricing, or reinsurance.

Talk to us about your ideas and plans – we are available in London, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Malta, and Cyprus.

Simply contact us via our contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

A new company within the EU helps you avoid tax estimations in your country of residence.

We are here to help you to find the proper jurisdiction for you or discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the jurisdiction of your choice. We will assess whether your idea is feasible and advise you on how to amend your plans to get moving.

Simply contact us via our contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

Most frequent Countries & Proven Tax Solutions


A bright place to live and work, and the country has a lot to offer. Dealings with friendly Authorities are straightforward, and the tax regime is excellent. Quite some Tax Treaties, a low corporate tax of 12.5 %, no withholding taxes, and tax-free dividends (as a Cypriot resident). 


Malta has become a Top Spot in recent years with extraordinary population growth. The downside is high prices for living and properties. The tax regime is complicated with 35 % corporate tax, but you may receive a tax refund, allowing net taxation of just 5 % – terms and conditions apply. 


Currently under review. Please contact us.


Currently under review. Please contact us.


This Common Law Jurisdiction has a lot to offer. Friendly and welcoming Authorities, a well-structured tax regime with just 12.5 % corporate tax, a global network of Tax Treaties, and low penalties for missed filings. Furthermore, Ireland provides a sound banking sector and a good labor market.


The Netherlands is a good location for a holding structure, offering many options and a vast network of Tax Treaties. The corporate tax rate is in a tax band from 15 % – 25.8 %. The founding process of the company is fast and does not require a paid-in share capital. The country has a sound banking sector.


A good location in central Europe. Easy traveling as you won’t need to buy a flight. Good access to Germany and high acceptance among other countries, keeping discussions at your tax office limited. The tax environment is reasonable (corporate tax 15 % – 22 %). The good banking sector, affordable property market, and low cost of living.


Like Czechia, a good location in central Europe. For Austrians, a preferred location due to its proximity to Austria. For central Europe, a good tax framework, reasonable 15 % – 21 % corporate taxes, and low withholding taxes. The country has a sound banking sector, an affordable property market, and a low cost of living.


Bulgaria is a good location in central Europe, not just from a tax perspective. The tax framework is excellent, with a low (flat) corporate tax rate of just 10 %. The country provides a good bank sector, has a low-priced property market, and a low cost of living. However, it has some reputation issues, but with low labor market costs, you can’t get it wrong. 


Currently under review. Please contact us.


Normally a good jurisdiction in the North of Europe. The Baltic States and especially Latvia have been at the forefront to implement GOV online services. The country has a good tax framework, a resonable corporate taxe rate of 20 % and low witholding taxes. The country has a good banking sector, low cost of living and affordable property market.


Currently under review. Please contact us.

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