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Why using Trade Finance?

Customers without access to Trade Finance sometimes – within a short time frame – do not have a sufficient funding limit or own liquidity available to cover business opportunities. Hence, it’s more than likely that lucrative deals cannot be accepted and one may lose not only this opportunity but also even worse probably a business partnership.

Trade Finance helps to safeguard existing credit lines, protecting essential liquidity.

We can offer appropriate solutions based on selected finance options. Back-to-Back Letters of Credit or transferable Letters of Credit might be an option.

Which Trade Finance Solutions do you offer?

Our portfolio of trade finance aims to cover all possible scenarios. All types of Letters-of-Credit, Promissory Notes, Forfaiting, and Reverse Factoring, Bank Guarantees and Documentary Collections.

For a highly competitive fee, we take over-issuance, handling and monitoring of your transaction.

Please find detailed information down below, ring us or use our contact request in case of any questions.

All Trade Finance Tools you need for successful Trades


Through our swift Factoring Solutions for SME´s, your enterprise will be able to sell open receivables. We deal with your entire debt management.

Small and medium sized companies are espacially vulnerable to market threats and liquidity. Speak to us about your funding needs and ask for a quote.

Invoice Discount

Through our Invoice Discount solutions, your enterprise will be able to sell open receivables but keep the debt managment inhouse.

Small and medium sized companies are especially vulnerable to market threats and liquidity. Secure your funding today and speak to us.

Reverse Factoring

We offer, additionally or as an alternative to the traditional way of factoring, reverse factoring as a means of financing your purchases.

This solution gives you suitable finance facilities, protects you from occuring risks and can be utilized without rendering the debtor management to us.

Bridge Financing

Sometimes there´s a funding gap between Purchase and Sale of Goods and very often SME´s are unable to close it. Even if the Buyer already signed a contract, leaving you no option other than asking for a prepayment, weakening your negotiations. We may have the right solution.

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Letters-of-Credit is common in all cross-border Trade Activities, securing both buyer and seller, giving peace of mind.

We help you secure a Letter-of-Credit and manage the entire process: Application, Handling, and Pay-Out.

Just ask for a quote.

Financial Advisory - Trade Finance

Unsure how to conduct your next trade or secure your first international trade? We take on the Handling of Letters-of-Credit, Promissory Notes or Documentary Collections and manage the entire process:

Application, Handling, and Pay-Out.

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