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Initial Public Offers (IPOs)

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A private placement is an alternative funding solution for SME’s to raise capital, as opposed to traditional high street lending (bank financing), private equity, mezzanine financing or issuing a corporate bond in the public market. A private placement is usually a long-term and fixed-rate senior debt, but there is an endless array of structuring alternatives. One of the key advantages of the private placement is its flexibility according to a company’s need.


Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) came up in 2015 as a very new way of public funding through blockchain technology. Through an ICO or ITO, developers offer new coins or tokens for sale in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies. Everything seems possible. However, Governments across the Globe took a harder stance against ICOs to prevent unregulated and/or fraudulent ICOs. Therefore, the first step is the most important one – finding out more about legal and compliance requirements.


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Structuring and Monitoring

Structuring and Monitoring


Contract Handling & Order Execution

The Structuring and Handling of Structured Finance Solutions in SPVs is difficult but offers an enormous flexibility. However, it’s essential that a Financial Advisor has vast experience and a sound knowledge to perform the tasks required. Speak to us to find out more.


If it comes to Corporate Finance, safeguards are key to create a win-win-solution. As usual, there are various options you may consider, depending on your needs.

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