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Corporate Structuring SPVs & Funds

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To offer exciting opportunities to investors, it is essential to create sustainable investment structures, enabling investors to participate according to their own needs and risk appetite. Furthermore, one must also look into tax issues when distributing proceeds to investors. Therefore, financial structuring is a must. We have done this for more than two decades, having vast experience with all kinds of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).


Contributions to Alternative Investments like Venture Capital, Private Placements (in startups), Cryptocurrencies, Gold, or Commercial Property Developments are meant for qualified or experienced investors. They, therefore, require a better suitable structure through SPVs and Funds than highly regulated UCITS (OGAW) funds.


Cryptocurrencies offer great potential, but they are risky and highly volatile too. However, adding Cryptocurrencies to a portfolio structure may add some potential, but one should invest only if funds are not needed.

A PIF containing two or more subsegments may smoothen volatility on overall yields.


Investments in Commercial Property Developments typically target qualified or experienced investors and therefore require a better suitable structure than highly regulated UCITS (OGAW) funds.


Private Placements in new startups or Companies with outstanding growth expectations are risky. Therefore security measures should be taken to protect investors, as a total loss of funds is possible.

Hence, investing in an AIF or PIF structure with various sub-segments is a preferred option to allocate risks.


Creating and maintaining the proper investment structure is vital in helping secure a project. Whether you want to create an investment structure for income or growth, we can provide quality advice, comprehensive solutions, and ongoing service to help you achieve your financial goals.


An internal audit is independent and objective assessment, assurance, and consulting work to create added value to the organization and improve its operations.

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