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Structuring Investment Vehicles

Advantageous Structures

To offer exciting opportunities to investors, it is essential to create sustainable investment structures, enabling investors to participate according to their own needs and risk appetite. Furthermore, one must also look into tax issues when distributing proceeds to investors.

Therefore, financial structuring is the key to success. We have done this for almost two decades, having vast experience with all kinds of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

Utterly not advisable – offshore is not recommendable as legal, regulatory and, last but not most, tax issues are almost inevitable.

We are here to help you create a sophisticated structure according to

Why creating flexible and transparent Structures?

The primary purpose of any structure is to collect investors’ funds. Therefore, a structure must be attractive, transparent and easy to handle within any regulatory or legal framework. A structure should implement good tax rules, enabling investors to suit fit with national tax laws in case of pay-outs or returns of funds.

Furthermore, any given structure must safeguard investors’ funds while leaving fund promoters enough flexibility to reach their investment goals.


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