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Corporate Bank Accounts

General Conditions for Corporate Bank Accounts

We have seen it too often. Clients opened companies through Formations Agents without proper consultation, having cost savings in mind. Problems often occur when trying to open a bank account for a newly formed company. Why is that? Well, quite often, these companies are not formed properly.

It isn’t easy to convince a bank to open a bank account if you use nominee directors – with some having a dozen or more mandates. Or your firm is registered at a well-known mailbox service address. Or filings having been done promptly. We could give more examples, but if you couldn’t obtain a corporate bank account for your firm, the reasoning is now a bit clearer.

If you are in such a situation, we recommend contacting us. Our experienced and highly qualified legal and banking advisors will review your company structure and existing management or mandate contracts. 

Why not work with us – we offer applications for corporate bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions, starting at a fixed price of 1.850,00 € net all-in, depending on the jurisdiction.

Enjoy our fast, reliable, and competent approach in your native language (German, English, French, Czech, Slovak, Greek, or Russian)!

Ideal Corporate Bank Accounts for Holding and Trading Companies

Chenevieres Consulting SA (CCSA) is part of TAXEDO GROUP and has been active in Corporate Banking and Finance for more than 25 years now. We have seen it all! Periods with high interest in the nineties of the previous century standstill due to terror attacks in 2001 financial crisis in 2008.

We have been providing excellent banking services to our valued customers all these years. We cover all areas, whether bank accounts, private banking, credit cards or mortgages for properties and yachts.

What you need to consider

Applying for a bank account, whether a corporate bank account or a private bank account, is not a simple task nowadays. Due to national and international anti-money laundering laws, tax reporting, and residency issues, banks must screen any new customer in dept.

Being in corporate finance for almost three decades now, we are aware of hurdles and know how to overcome filing issues. We can’t guarantee that a bank will accept your application. However, we can ensure that the likelihood is much higher through a good bank choice and proper preparation.  We will help you to achieve your goal to obtain a bank account.

TOP Jurisdiction for Banking Facilities

We support clients with their banking needs in multiple locations. It is not necessary to obtain a bank account in your company’s jurisdiction.

Depending on annual turnover, business type, and banking needs, we will present you with a choice of banks for your application. Once you decide, we will start the application process for a successful request.

It is essential to know that we maintain a division for Corporate Finance. We offer all kinds of funding solutions from London, Zurich, and Prague, including mortgages for properties and yachts. Find out more on Redchilli Capital.

To receive a detailed offer or placing an order, please fill out the form down below for Company Formations and we will get back to you shortly !

We have been active in Corporate Banking and Finance for more than 25 years now.


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